Note:  Looking around, you might notice it's not really all about common sense.  Well, common sense is sometimes just knowing the ropes to life.  So don't be surprised if you come across something that doesn't relate.  The blog is more for kids anyway, but adults are welcome to view it too.


Welcome!!  You are now officially reading my blog!! You might find this to be an absolute flop, but maybe you'll think my posts are interesting... your opinion!  I do hope you enjoy though!!  Don't be too harsh on criticism, you might make me cry :) that's funny to people who know me (by the way)

Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm back!

It's good to be back!! So today in Economics, we are watching Cast Away to talk about scarcity. When Chuck has been on the island for 4 years and he goes on the raft, my friend Katie and I started talking about how he should call to the whales in their language to hitch a ride. 2 minutes later, the whale showed up. We screamed "The whales!" Everyone turned around to look at us. I think we are psychics.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

More Common Sense

This is a shout out to all the adults who have kids. Any type, step or biological. LOVE THEM! Honestly, instead of comparing them to your friends' kids, or your child's own friends, be thankful for who they are. Everyone is unique. I mean obviously if your kid is a complete wing nut and rebels, you can't just leave 'em be. Do something. But do it lovingly. As somebody I look up to says "COMPARISON IS THE DEATH OF GRATITUDE". Your kid isn't perfect, but look at the good that's in them, and love them for what/who they are, and don't compare them to others. Just something that I've been thinking about.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Getting to the Common Sense

Common sense tip for today: DON'T SAY SOMETHING WITHOUT THINKING!
Yeah, I know, that is really common sense, but honestly, how many times do you just let something slip without regard to what someone is feeling? I'm willing to bet it's happened at least once today.
Because of this little piece of common sense ignored, I got into a disagreement with my step-mom about something a couple of nights ago, all because she said something that should've been kept to herself. Things were kind of awkward for a bit, but she apologized today, which is super cool. It's not easy to do something like that.
So I shall repeat myself: think about what you are saying and if it will fracture your friendship with someone. Words go a long way.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Star Wars!!

I admit.. I'm a die hard Star Wars fan.  When my oldest brother watched my siblings and I, we popped it in.  Heck, I used to have a Queen Amidala collectible Barbie!! But does that make me a nerd??  In my opinion: NO!  Honestly, if you've seen it and enjoyed  the series, and you meet someone who hasn't, you think they're deprived.  And you're right.  It's like you're a nerd either way.  Ask around.  People who like the movies are awesome.  They are fun people and aren't afraid to have their own opinion.  The non-likers (some, not all) act like the too good for Sci-Fi, and others are worried at being classified as a dork.  What ever happened to individualism, honestly?

Santa Claus: Stalker??

I know it's late after Christmas and all that, but it's time we faced the truth.  Santa Claus is not all that he's made out to be.  The fake one anyway.  Think about it people...  he's the ULTIMATE STALKER!  He knows when you're sleeping and when you're awake, if you've been bad or good..  for every kid in this world!  Kind of awkward isn't it??  Another thing:  The fat, red-cheeked guy comes into your house at night.  Breaking and entering much??  He eats your cookies, yeah yeah, you leave them out, but don't you think that the warm milk would be a hint to get lost??  And why isn't he DEAD?  How long has Mr. Kringle been around??
I don't know about you guys, but maybe some little kids have the right idea by breaking down crying at the sight of the jolly ol' fella.  Just a thought.